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    July 26, 2016 by Tonipelimies

     Kinnikuman is the main protagonist of the Kinnikuman series, and appears as a DLC character in J-Stars Victory VS. 

    Kinnikuman is a close to mid-range melee fighter who specializes in 1 on 1.

    His movement speed is standard and has various powerful moves that are unblockable, however his best specials are stamina heavy and can be easily punished if missed. (Same with his Heavy Attacks)

    Kinnikuman requires a partner that has his back, since he doesn't have many moves that can deal with two opponents at once. He can however make short work of a single opponent at a close range and can make sure he/she doesn't attack his partner.

    At 30% Health, on the final round of the match Kinnikuman can activate his K.K.O., allowing for increased stamina and h…

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