Gintoki Sakata
Voiced By Tomokazu Sugita
Franchise Gintama
Appears in J-Stars Victory VS
Debut Gintama

Gintoki Sakata is the main protagonist of Gintama, and he appears as a playable character in J-Stars Victory VS.


Despite there not being an official J-Stars Victory VS Tier List, Gintoki is largely considered to be one of the best characters and his attacks are very hilarious in the game. However, there is a problem due to his uncancelable charge that leaves him wide open for about 5 seconds, but with good timing he can perfect guard any incoming attack. He lacks solid or threatening combos, and has underwhelming specials that lack versatility and are often reliant on luck. Overall, he is a fourth wall-breaking fighter who "borrows" a move or two from a few other characters in the Jump franchises.


Stamina type: Normal (colored blue with personal icon)
Stamina charge range: 200% max
Sidestep type: Normal
Dash type: Ground/vehicle-based
Jump type: Double jump
Perfect Guard type: Teleport


KATANA BURST: "Square, square square...wait till opponent stunned then. square, triangle." That will send them right off with there health around 84%.

WIND SWISH GRAB: "square, square, few meters till the opponent falls with there head lift up quickly press R1+triangle the damage may be the same to 84% but you can "triangle that is the launch strong attack sending your opponent's away but this won't let them launchaway. it's a combo stop cool down. So RUN! The opponent may get there chance. So run when there done cooling down for 4 seconds." Damage 67% almost half it takes.

JUSTASHUYUKEN!!: "when a opponent dash straight for you. "Run up press Circle+triangle as there launch far away!" Damage is 89%


  • He shares the same voice actor as Joseph Joestar and Switch (Sket Dan).
  • He uses Son Goku's Kamehameha.
  • He uses Neji's Eight Trigrams Air Palm when Kamehameha fails.
  • Gintoki's down pose is a reference to the pose that Dragon Ball Z's Yamcha took when he first died to a Saibamen.
  • If you get damage, let Gintoki stand still for a while, he will begin to eat a parfait as his health quickly recovers.
  • Kagura, also from Gintama, can be used as a support character