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HUNTER x HUNTER lead protagonist.


In contrast to his fellow series stalwart Killua, whose performance in J-Stars is arguably less impressive than his showing in Jump Ultimate Stars, Gon's showing here is a marked improvement. Nimble reflexes, above-average agility and mysteriously potent close-quarter combat render Gon an easy character with which to get to grips--but those who persist with him can unearth depth that belies the simplicity of his predominant faculties. Gon's Jajanken, for example, works not simply as a powerful close-quarters punch; it can be deployed as a projectile--giving Gon added leverage that comes with range. It is also an effective fake-out; Gon's fancy footwork can throw him in unexpected directions for an unwitting opponent while charging his move, putting him out of harm's way to hit his adversary cleanly. Moreover, his ability to reinforce either his offences or defences via "ken" or "ko" can be deployed to admirable effect by canny players, making him as offensive or defensive as best suits. In either category, Gon ascends to above-average.

Not to say that all is well with Gon. The depth there is to discover in his moveset is countervailed by the unfortunate fact of its prevailing simplciity. Button-mashing is never going to make Gon pull off the kind of inspired and unexpected strides and strikes as it might Hiei. And whatever good Gon's projectile achieves, it comes at the price of Gon's highly deliberate "charge-up" stance before deploying it: those aware that Gon can fire a projectile and who spot this stance have ample time to infer from their distance relative to Gon that he intends to fire his blast, and can make provision to dodge or seek shelter. Gon's R3 finisher, viable only at close-range, confirms that Gon is most at home in close-quarters combat--potentially outclassed therein by the rapid punches, kicks and paralysing effects of Kenshiro. 

Gon, then, might be to J-Stars what Mario is to Mario Kart: a comfortable choice for expert or beginner, and a jack-of-all-trades. For the less cynical, Gon packs a lot of power behind his punches despite his stout demeanour, and if the standard heavy-hitters like Raoh are too slow, Gon slightly reduced strength but markedly increased speed makes a pleasant alternative.


Key Combos Include:

Square -> Square -> Square -> Triangle -> Circle -> Forward -> Circle

Square -> Square -> Square -> Triangle, Triangle -> Triangle -> Square -> Circle -> Forward -> Circle (as soon as they land)

Circle -> Forward ->Triangle, Triangle -> Triangle -> Square -> Circle -> Forward -> Circle (as soon as they land)

Square -> Square -> Square -> Triangle, Triangle -> Triangle -> Square -> R3 (as soon as they land)

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