Son Goku
Voiced By Masako Nozawa
Franchise Dragon Ball
Appears in J-Stars Victory VS
Debut Chapter 1: "Bulma and Son Goku"
Sun Wukong/Son Gokuu (孫悟空) is the main character of the long-running Dragon Ball series directly named after the Journey to the West character of the same name, and is the deuteragonist of Toriko's story.


Wukong/Goku is a melee-centric character whose moveset revolves around his Ki attacks, Instant Transmission and his Super Saiyan transformation. He relies on having a well-rounded close range game while being able to hit fairly hard, and he is able to perform both a far-leaping chase or a dashing chase after his foe off of either his weak attack string finisher or his ranged attack string finisher. When transformed into a Super Saiyan, a few of his attacks gain subtle yet notable enhancements.

However, compared to the two other Dragon Ball characters, Vegeta and Frieza, Wukong/Goku's far range game is severely lacking due to only having one ranged attack; his iconic Kamehameha. On top of that, his more complex attack string routes can only be opened up once transformed into a Super Saiyan, which also makes him resource intensive.


  • Standard amount of combo freedom from his weak attack strings, ranged attack strings and his Super Saiyan form fully-charged strong attack.
  • Can fly through the air, allowing him to run away or close-in from other various angles if needed.
  • Can choose to either chase leap or chase dash after 3 of his string finishers.
  • Can fight fairly well-up close like any other standard fighter, while also having a few safe blockstrings; weak-to-strong string in particular is a solid guard crush tool.
  • Overall average-to-high damage output, mainly from either his overall combos, or his Neutral Circle.
  • Fastest chargeable strong attack out of all the Dragon Ball characters, with its charge time being drastically shortened in Super Saiyan state.
  • Dash attack string-version of Neutral Circle does not consume any stamina.
  • Usage of his super can transform him into a Super Saiyan on the spot if it fully connects, and is unblockable.
  • Qi/Ki-type stamina gauge allows him to charge up manually very fast, allowing him to store resources fairly easily and to transform quite often.


  • Extremely stamina intensive, especially with his other versions of his specials mid-attack string (depending on the string and special used) and not just on his Neutral Circle.
    • Damage output with extended strings/combos is only fairly high (and thus not any higher), due to other limiting factors such as overall long animations on connected-moves, recovery lag and heavy stamina consumption.
  • Neutral Circle is his only far-ranged attack, on top of being a committal-beam that can easily have its damage output tampered with depending on the target's position, terrain and origin of firing angle.
    • Neutral Circle when followed-up into from a Forward+Circle finish is stamina-intensive, and does not inflict as much damage as the standalone version.
  • Only primary hit confirms are his weak attack first input and his ranged attack first input.
  • Damage inflicted solely by Forward+Circle is mainly recoverable damage.
  • Dash attack inputs are rather committal; dropping any of them can lead to landing lag depending on Wukong/Goku's height from the ground through mid-dash.
  • Guard break is not a guaranteed hit confirm.
  • Fairly wonky jump attack which makes Wukong/Goku have a small float, making it not optimal for jump-attack-punishment.
  • R1+Circle counter can easily be avoided with lock-on removal from sidestep exploits; R1+Circle also limits Wukong/Goku's Tag-Team Launch solely to countering/reversing an attack.
  • Super Saiyan transformation is required for more options and/or to extend on his fully-charged strong attack.
    • Solid execution to add other attacks in is required in order to take his damage output to near 100% levels, which is overall not as intuitive (as it is also flat-terrain dependent).
  • Super move can have an odd glitch where it can fail to connect properly, while still playing the second portion of its animation.
    • Can also hit allies for no damage, which may trigger the second portion on accident with damage possibly being wasted.
      • Super Saiyan transformation is also cancelled and/or not gained for free if his super misses completely.


Stamina type: Qi/Ki (colored yellow)
Stamina charge range: 200% max
Sidestep type: Normal
Dash type: Flight-based
Jump type: Double jump
Perfect Guard type: Teleport

Move ListEdit

Normal Moves

  • Weak AttackBtn squareBtn squareBtn square -
  • Strong Attack - Btn triangle(Hold to charge) -
  • Range Attack - Btn r1 + Btn squareBtn squareBtn square -
  • Guard BreakBtn r1 + Btn triangle -
  • Kamehameha - Btn circle -
  • Teleporting Kamehameha - Btn circleBtn triangle (While in Super Saiyan) -
  • Meteor Smash - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn circle -
  • Vanishing Counter - Btn r1 + Btn circle -

Victory Burst Moves

  • Super Spirit Bomb (Victory Burst Only) - PressPlaystation-Lstick-Neutral (R3) - Once Victory Burst has been activated, pressing Playstation-Lstick-Neutral will cause Goku to TBA.